Katy Martin & Meaghan Peters

Katy Martin was born and raised in Northern Ontario, and developed a love for art as far back as she can remember.

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Neepawa, Manitoba
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Katy Martin & Meaghan Peters

She attended the University of Guelph and earned a bachelor's degree in Fine Art, while soon after receiving a degree in Education. She now lives and works as a high school Art Teacher, Realist Painter, and Author, in Neepawa, MB. Katy’s work, since 2018, has been largely influenced by grief and suffering and the power and beauty that lies in overcoming it. Inspired by light, breathtaking scenery and deep meaning, her goal is to lift the fallen and form works that speak to the light in us all.

Meaghan Peters is a Métis artist, born and raised in Northern MB. She is an Artist, Muralist and Educator that currently resides in Neepawa, Manitoba. Her work is deeply inspired by the colours and textures of the land she has lived on, as well as the beadwork and other textiles of her ancestors. She incorporates layers of meaning within each of her paintings and works primarily in acrylic or watercolour.

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Katy Martin & Meaghan Peters

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