Chico Togni

Chico Togni works with fabric, wood, cardboard, metal and other found materials to create images and large sculptures.

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Toronto, Ontario
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Chico Togni

He also creates situations and happenings within the structures he builds. Most recently he exhibited his work at Kunsthaus Dresden and the Museum der Bildenden Kunst (MdbK) Leipzig, in Germany. He was an artist in residency at Cité International des Arts in Paris and Museumquartier in Vienna amongst other institutions, including the Artist Research Fellow at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., EUA. Chico Togni holds a Bachelor in Sculpture from São Paulo University, Brazil. Chico is currently based in Toronto where he is experimenting with quilting and developed the Bellaroche Stories, an expanding series of quilts that narrates the trajectory of rocks, power tools and visual paradoxes.

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