Willo Downie

Willo Downie (daughter of Gord Downie) is an emerging abstract artist based in Toronto ON. She is thrilled her studio practice as a painter and creator has recently become her full-time commitment.

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Willo Downie

Willo draws inspiration from her natural surroundings – typically bodies of water – and is inspired by her exploration of the relationship between colour, feeling and form. Her paintings create a moment of pause and peace for viewers.

Willo Downie attended NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, studying Art History. She then became a certified goldsmith, accruing numerous years’ experience in the jewellery industry before founding her own fine jewellery business in 2020. Willo continues to release new collections through February Jewellery Inc.

Giving back and supporting causes that prioritize our planet and its people is a passion. She regularly contributes original paintings or proceeds from their sales to various not-for profit organizations including UNYA (Urban Native Youth Association), Sick Kids Foundation, The Sierra Club, Indian Residential Schools Survivors Society, Voices of Children (Ukraine), Disappointed But Not Surprised; a Fundraiser for Abortion Access, and Swim Drink Fish (formerly The Waterkeepers) Art Auction.

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