Samantha Woj

Samantha Woj is a physically disabled Canadian visual artist who tries to embody the active and fleeting movements that occur in sports by using sports equipment as paintbrushes.

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Brossard, Québec
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Samantha Woj

Woj was born with a rare genetic disorder called Ectrodactyly, a condition characterized by the absence or malformation of the fingers and toes. The absence of digits in her hands has impacted both her physical and artistic approach to painting. Woj uses the absence of digits to manipulate the equipment. This can also be seen in her artistic approach when hitting, rolling and gliding sports equipment to fill the negative space to create the forms on the canvas. Woj tries to embody the sense of community and love one can experience by either playing or watching sports in each piece that she makes. Each painting is unique, as it is never made the same way twice.

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