Peppy Colours

Pepe Bratanov, also known by his artistic name Peppy Colours, is a Toronto based visual artist.

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Toronto, Ontario
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Peppy Colours

For the better part of his career, Pepe has worked as a designer and his work has garnered numerous awards and recognition both, nationally and internationally. And that’s where Pepe’s work and artistic exploration lies, at the intersection of art and design.

Peppy Colours uncovers the extraordinary in the ordinary. It takes the familiar and sometimes mundane things in our day-to-day lives and gives them new meaning. The connective theme through it all - the coming together of simplicity and, as the name suggests, colour to create unexpected visuals rooted in pop culture.

Peppy Colours’ work is not limited to a specific medium. Constant exploration is what fuels the work. From digital art and physical sculptures to art installations and sprinkles art, there is not a medium that’s off limits.

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